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Format Reference

Data Formats:
ARC File Format
DAT File Format
CDX File Format

DAT File Format

A DAT file contains meta-data about the documents stored in ARC files. The header line for a document in a DAT file always has mime type alexa/dat. The data that follows is separated into individual lines of the form <tag><space><value> where <tag> is defined in the cdx/dat legend, and value is text that does not contain a newline, perhaps further constrained by the definition of the tag. The following is an example of a DAT formatted document:

http://www.kickbutt.org:80/news/scarchives/9711-nov/111797.html 20010430000202 alexa/dat 691
m text/html
s 200
c 231c5e9719117bf12573d09f47af35ca
k 780087daf569cd25c39a817c1bb30866
v 296101
V 84348
n 9015
t SCARCNet Daily Bulletin - 11/17/97
l www.kickbutt.org/news/index.html
l www.kickbutt.org/index.html
l www.kickbutt.org/news/index.html
l www.kickbutt.org/actnow/index.html
l www.kickbutt.org/learn/index.html

DAT Data Specifications